Number the Stars

Find more books by searching the library catalog for World War II and Holocaust.  Numerous books are located in the Sixth Grade section rather than the general library collection.

Search the World Book Encyclopedia (on student computers in the library) for information on World War II, the Holocaust, and Adolf Hitler. - Summaries - Lois Lowry discusses Number the Stars (and The Giver).

Other books by Lois Lowry available in the library:

The Giver

Gathering Blue




The Silent Boy (6th Grade)

The Willoughbys 

A Summer to Die  for the author's homepage

Check for more in the library catalog:  Author = Lowry, Lois

Holocaust Books in the EC Library

(Check for Availability)

Anne Frank                                   921 Fra

The Anne Frank Case                    940.53 Rub

Anne Frank, Beyond the Diary      940.53492 Rol

Architects of the Holocaust         940.53 Sti

Auschwitz:  Voices from the          940.53 Dee

Death Camp

Boys Who Saved the Children      940.53 Bal

Children of the Holocaust             940.53 Fit

Four Perfect Pebbles                     940.53 Per

Heroes of the Holocaust                940.53 Fis

Hidden Girl                                    940.53 Kau

Hitler in Paris                                943.08 Nar

Hitler Youth                                   943.08 Bar

Holocaust                                       940.53 Pep

Holocaust                                       940.531 Woo

I Survived the Nazi Invasion          J Tar

Kristallnacht:  The Nazi Terror       940.53 Dee

That Began the Holocaust

Legacy of the Holocaust                  940.53 Sko

Liberation:  Stories of Survival        940.53 Hof

from the Holocaust

Number the Stars                          J Low

Parallel Journeys                            940.53 Aye  (Coming next month)

Picture Book of Anne Frank             921 Fra

Project 1065                                   J Gra

Rescuing the Danish Jews: A           940.53 Bye

Heroic Story from the Holocaust

Saving Children from the                 940.53 Bye

Holocaust:  The Kindertransport

Upon the Head of the Goat              921 Sie

The Upstairs Room                            921 Rei

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising:          940.53 Alt

Striking a Blow against the Nazis

Who Was Anne Frank?                     921 Fra

Yellow Star                                      J Roy


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